Bios are the worst, you know? No matter what I write, chances are high that I'll either sound cliche or pretentious. With that in mind, please note that I'll do my best to avoid being either (chances are slim that I'll be successful).

I'm Taylor. I am a writer, artist, photographer, and traveler.  I grew up in the Seattle area of Washington state, which means I listen to alternative rock, love the rain, and look down my nose at chain coffee shops (I can't help it, it was bred into me). I started this blog in 2011 to document my first travel experience, which also happened to be my first international move: Cairo, Egypt. As with all good stories, there is a timely catalyst. For me, it was my move abroad. Egypt pushed me over the edge from casual interest to full-fledged obsession with travel. In my years since Egypt, I've visited 20 countries and 40 states, with no signs of stopping.

In 2015 I moved to London, UK to attend grad school (and visit more of Europe, if we're being honest). I graduated in December 2015 with my MSc in Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology. I now live in Washington DC with my husband Phil, where I drink too much coffee, collect more books than I have time to read, and daydream about travel plans. Phil hangs out for the food.

PS I also have my own photography business (cleverly? embarrassingly?) named The Anthrophotographer. If you're in the DMV area and want to book me for a photoshoot, you totally should. I'm not terrible to be around, and I love taking pictures. 

Questions? Comments? Hate my bio? Get in touch. 
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